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The Artigiano Series (in Italian pronounced Are-Tea-John-Oh) is a family of modular brick wood fired pizza oven kits handcrafted at a small artisan's workshop in Tuscany. These ovens are round with a brick dome.They are free standing and cook the very best pizzas.These ovens are the real thing produced in Italy. And now you can have one of your very own. AUTHENTIC BRICK OVENS, MADE IN ITALY.

The dome of the Artigiano brick oven kit is built, shipped and installed as a single piece -- with four metal handles. There are very few artisans that can produce a free standing brick oven such as the Artigiano. This is a prize you do not want to let get away. 

Constructed using the highest-quality refractory bricks, our Artigiano brick ovens are structurally identical to the commercial brick ovens found in pizzerias throughout Italy. The big difference between the commercial and the residential ovens are the size. They both bake the finest pizza in two minutes. The commercial ovens just cook a lot more of them per hour.

The 2" thick cooking surface supplied with the Artigiano brick ovens is constructed using the highest quality, high-fired, commercial quality refractory materials. These ovens reach 800 degrees very fast and will hold 500 degrees over night without fire. 

The Artigiano brick ovens are available in three sizes: a 31.4" round cooking surface, a 39.3" round cooking surface, and a 39.3" x 47.1" oval cooking surface. Each oven includes a steel oven vent, steel door, 3 x 1" dome insulation and 2" floor insulation.

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ARTIGIANO Brick pizza Oven

Commercial and Home Brick Ovens

The term "brick oven" is often used interchangeably with the conditions "wood fired ovens”, "masonry oven," "clay adobe," or any number of additional terms. This traditional commercial pizzeria oven has a domed roof, and the pizzas are placed upon stone brick over the hot coals. The heat is permitted to circulate through the dome, and between the moisture that accumulates from a few of the ingredients, and the heat, nothing dries out, but the crust is cooked to crispy perfection. The rest of the ingredients are dissolved perfectly and gently charred for that perfect pizzeria taste that you can create in your home kitchen. The Artigiano Brick Oven may indeed be perfect for your home.

Artigiano oven sizes

Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven Kit:

  • Three sizes: 31.4″ round, 39.3″ round, and 39.3″ x 47.1″ oval cooking surface;
  • You can bake up to 6 pizzas at a time, or 120 per hour;
  • Suitable for outdoor installations as a wood fired pizza oven;
  • No gas or charcoal;
  • Easy delivery using a lift gate — no forklift required.

Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven Kit Includes:

  • Highest-quality 2″ refractory brick oven dome;
  • 2″ thick refractory cooking surface used in Italian pizzerias;
  • 3″ ceramic fiber insulation blanket for the oven dome;
  • 2″ ceramic fiber insulation board under the oven dome;
  • Steel door;
  • Steel pizza oven vent.
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