When Rocco in Palm Beach Gardens Florida called us, he had a unique problem of how we would install his Artigiano Oven. He was building a brand new home and wanted his oven ready when he was. He wanted us to assemble the oven and cure it before we delivered it to his new home. Although not recommended we obliged. We had his oven delivered to our facility in Miami. We then assembled the oven (temporary) and over five days cured the oven for him. This would save valuable time once his home was ready to receive and install it. When Rocco called we were able to deliver the oven, re-assemble the floor and proceed to complete the chimney work. Please click on the photos to the right and view some of the process. Rocco is delighted with his Forno Bravo Artigiano Oven and cooks a variety of dishes for his friends and family.

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What makes the Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven Special:

  • The dome of the Artigiano oven kit is built, shipped and installed as a single piece—with metal handles making it easy to position on your hearth.
  • Constructed using the highest-quality refractory bricks, our Artigiano Italian brick pizza ovens, are structurally identical to the commercial brick ovens found in pizzerias throughout Italy. The only difference between the commercial versions and the Artigiano is the oven chamber and the thickness (thermal mass) of the brick walls and refractory mortar oven coating.
  • As there are only a small number of artisans with the skill to build a freestanding brick dome, these ovens are highly prized in Italy, and throughout the world. The ovens give homeowners the ability to enjoy a true Italian brick oven, without having to ship an entire assembled oven, or having to fly a skilled Italian builder to your home.
  • The 2″ thick cooking surface supplied with the Artigiano is constructed using the highest quality, high-fired, commercial quality refractory materials. It heats up quickly, and provides the same heat retention characteristics of commercial pizza ovens.

Artigiano Italian brick pizza oven summary:

Forno Bravo manufacturers all our pizza ovens in the US, except the Artigiano. Why? For those who want an authentic Italian brick pizza oven, we wanted to offer the best. Hand crafted in Tuscany, Italy by Il Forno del Nonno, the Artigiano is an incredible oven and a work of art.