ANDIAMO Pizza Oven

ANDIAMO 24 & 28


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The NEW ANDIAMO pizza oven like the Primavera Beehive wood fired oven comes in 24" and 28" cooking surface. However, the Andiamo comes incased in a metal frame with high end casters. The Andiamo oven can easily be moved from one end of your patio to the other. This new oven will consistantly maintain temperatures of 750 degrees and create the very best pizzas in two minutes. And yes, this oven will remain cool to the touch on the outside and will withstand just about any weather conditions.

* The Andiamo comes fully assembled and ready to fire up. Not only will you bake the very best pizzas and bread but you will be the envy of all who taste these culinary delights.This oven comes in Bronze and Red.(not shown) *Some curing is necessary.



The Andiamo ovens are the right choice for homeowners who do not have the space, time or budget for a larger wood oven, but who still want to enjoy authentic wood-fired cooking, Vera Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread.

The ovens include a traditional Italian-style vent and chimney. The chimney is essential to proper oven operation, allowing efficient heat movement for authentic high-heat cooking. On a practical note, it keeps hot air and smoke away from the chef, and keeps the front of the oven less sooty.

The Andiamo oven’s attractive and weather-proof enclosure, stand, and casters comes fully assembled, so there is nothing to set up. You just roll it out of the shipping crate. And the enclosure and stand are both powder-coated for years of rust-free use.