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Forno Bravo carries a full line of hand-made imported Italian terracotta bakeware designed specifically for use in wood-fired brick ovens. Our bakeware is both beautiful and functional. The vibrant colors and bright glazes make the bakeware perfect for dishes that you take from the oven, straight to the table.

Made from clay quarried in Tuscany, mixed with 45% refined alumina, this wonderful bakeware is heat resistant to over 1500ºF. You can use it in a conventional oven, or a wood-fired oven. It is 100% food-safe.

We carry a range of sizes and shapes, including ovals, Lasagna pans, tall and low casseroles with lids in three sizes, and a large round roasting pan. The Forno Bravo bakeware is available in ether a lush green, or rich blue exterior, both with a traditional brown interior. Our Lasagna pan has a contrasting light brown interior and dark brown exterior.

We have been using bakeware from this producer, located in San Gimignano, Italy, for years, and we have really enjoy it -- for how it cooks, how it looks and how well it lasts


Prefabricated Refractory or Brick

Your first decision is whether to select a precast refractory oven, or a true brick oven. The following questions should help you choose.


Is budget an issue? Are you motivated by value? True brick ovens cost roughly 50% more than a precast refractory ovens of the same size.

Do you need a specific oven size to fit your space, or do you want a larger oven? Precast ovens are available in a wide range of sizes, including the larger 48" and 44 x 63" ovens.

Do you like the 35" Casa90 or Premio90 oven size? The Artigiano oven is not available in that size.

Do you like the terracotta arch, or oven features, that come with the Premio ovens? Our Premio refractory ovens come with a decorative arch which you simply set in place.

Brick Ovens

Are you an experienced chef who has enjoyed true brick oven cooking? Some experts say that brick ovens offer a superior cooking environment.

Do you like the look of the brick oven? Our Artigiano brick ovens are beautifully constructed.

Are you interested in supporting the artisans who build these ovens, and to helping continue this tradition? True brick ovens are built by hand in small workshops.

Are you looking for a unique product? Brick ovens are highly valued in Italy, and make a special statement


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Step 1. Choose the oven style and size

Step 2. Choose your installation accessories
Your Forno Bravo oven includes the oven chamber, floor, vent system, door and insulation blanket. Optional installation accessories include:

RefMix Refractory Mortar
The Casa, Premio and Ristorante ovens should be installed with RefMix Refractory Mortar. It is a high-end refractory mortar made specifically for brick ovens, that actually costs less than American brand mortars.

FB Board Under Oven Insulation Panels
Each Forno Bravo Oven can be installed using FB Board Under Oven Insulation Panels. They are easier to use and more efficient than vermiculite concrete.

Additional FB Blanket Oven Dome Insulating Blankets
If you will be using additional FB Blanket oven dome insluation, rather than vermiculite, to finish your oven, you should order it with your oven. 

DuraTech Double Wall Chimney Pipe
The DuraTech Chimney System, is directly connected to the Forno Bravo pizza ovens, offering both ease of installation and the security of using a UL listed chimney. The Casa80/90 use the 6" DuraTech system, while the Casa100/110/160, Premio90/100/110/120 and Artigiano80/100/120 use the 8"chimney pipe. 

Casa Brick Arch
The Casa ovens can be ordered with an optional Decorative Brick Arch. You should specify the size, such as Arch80, Arch90, etc. with your order. The price of the arch is $150.


Your brick oven is capable of an almost endless variety of cooking styles. With almost all types of cooking, you should bring your oven fully up to heat, then prepare it for the type of cooking you want to do by moving the fire and coals, and letting the oven temperature reach the range where you will be cooking. How long you fire your oven depends on how much cooking you will be doing, and how long you want your oven to hold its heat. Remember that you can only take out heat from the oven that you put in. If you are going to be cooking a lot of pizza for a large party, or baking lots of bread or a large roast, fire your oven longer. If you are making pizza for the family for a mid-week meal, you can fire your oven for a shorter time -- typically only until the dome goes white