Here is the finished Casa 2G 80 that Irene Nadeau of Vermont just completed. Irene contacted us some time ago and expressed a desire to have a special oven in a special setting. We introduced the Casa 2G series because of its easy assembly and incredible cooking abilities.Irene told us that both she and her mason had a great deal of fun bringing her project to reality. Irene wrote.

"Several years ago I traveled to Italy with a friend to take a course cooking with a wood fired oven.  It was about the most perfect vacation a devoted foodie could ever take.  I learned so much and knew immediately I was going to have one of these at my home in northern Vermont.

I had the perfect outdoor location and started doing research into what was available.  I investigated three companies on line.  Forno Bravo seemed to be a nice fit due to the ease of using their web site and appeal of their product line of wood oven inserts.  I had some personal criteria about size and ability to hold heat for an extended period of time.  One day while daydreaming on their site I picked up the phone and called with a list of questions.  George McNeil was on the other end and an enthusiastic exchange of ideas spilled forth.  George listened to my questions, offered advice, asked me lots of questions about what I wanted to cook in this oven and the size I thought I might be interested in.  At the end of our conversation he said give me a call anytime on my cell.  Well, as time went by I took him up on that offer several times.  Last winter I placed my order for a Casa2G80 with George. He advised me of the time frame for shipment, what to expect when I received my oven, how it was crated and how to inspect it.  

My project started in early summer and now in mid August I have started cooking.  My mason, Jason, has done a beautiful job and George has been there by cell to offer encouragement and guidance.  The cure firing went off without a hitch.  When I discovered I was only going to be able to have 4 full days instead of 5 to accomplish this, George assured me the 5th day firing could indeed start at 3 pm and go into the evening.   In the end all worked as expected and I felt sure my first attempt at cooking would be successful.

The Pizza I cooked 4 days later was yummy.  My husband and I opened a bottle of Prosecco, ate pizza and enjoyed the fire into the evening.  The firing went off perfectly, once banked to the side the flames reached the top of the dome, licked slightly down the opposite side and the dome cleared flawlessly.

This whole experience has been so exciting and rewarding.  Georges advice and encouragement were invaluable to a first timer.  I appreciated being able to call anytime with a question or concern. There are many helpful items on the web site that both Jason and I used and referred to during the installation process. I downloaded the installation guide and kept it on my desktop for  easy reference as well as printing off copies to be kept on the job site.  The e-book series with recipes and instructions for the oven are informative and user friendly. 

I foresee many meals and gatherings around this wonderful oven.  If you have a wood fired oven in your future I have complete confidence in recommending Forno Bravo as your choice…George too.

Irene Nadeau

South Guildhall, Vermont"


We at Home Pizzeria Ovens are very proud of our superior customer service. These are just some of the testimonials/reviews  that our customers volunteered to share with us. We will let them speak for themselves.

Hey George, 
>     Hope all is well!!  I wanted to reach out and thank you for
> helping our friends.
> They loved our oven and pizza!!! 
> We love and enjoyed it so much! The pandemic was a perfect excuse for
> pizza nights. My husband wishes we got bigger!! Maybe when we get to
> Florida , hahah
> Thanks again!!
> Sabrina Mandell

CASA 2G 100

CASA 2 G 100
Hi George,

I hope that this message finds you and your family all well.

I wanted to wait until all the landscaping was completely finished and the grounds were refurbished. However these are some pictures of our brick oven... we love it, we cured it, we used it! We forwarded your product information to a few clients.

Thank yuh for all your help and information! 

Maria and Mario Romei

P.S I will send you pictures with all the final finishes!
It was a pleasure to finally put a face to the voice!  Thanks for stopping in with Tena.
The Roma 120 oven is working perfectly for us.  It gives us the opportunity to offer a true neopolitan style pizza that in the Italian way doesn’t need to be shared.
The burners provide a perfect blend to the wood in maintaining the oven temp and we have had no issues.
I included a write up that a reporter from the Boston Globe did on us.  
Please plan to stop in when you are in town again.  

 Tom Kelly
Stripe Nine Brewing Company
Co Founder/ Vice President of Sales
8 Somersworth Plaza
Somersworth, NH  03878
(518) 796-7969
Email: thomas@stripeninebrewing.com


I would like to thank you for a 5 star experience. You and Tena are a Great team. You guy's were very professional and knowledgeable on answering all question's that I had on which oven I should purchase.This transaction went as smooth as can be. From placing the order to receiving the shipping of oven. My Primavera 70 was a great decision. I have been creating many memories for years to come with family and friends. This oven is the bomb! Thanks again for the Great experience. 
 Armando Giannasca

CASA 2G Modular

Your service was great. We found the process of building the oven to be a pleasure. I enjoy projects like that, am a bit a do-it-yourselfer, so it was the perfect project for me.

Thanks again for all of the help, and keep the newsletters coming. We like seeing the recipes and ideas to expand our oven horizons. As you can tell, once I start talking about it I find it hard to stop.



After researching the options for wood fired ovens I decided upon the Forno Bravo Casa 2G90 and the Cucina Frame stand. The products are great and the result is something I am proud of. Family, friends and neighbors are constantly "hinting" as to when the next meal invitation will be. As I said to my wife, each meal is more of an "event" than a "meal". 

The most impressive part of the project was the customer service that I received through the supplier- MWS Enterprises, specifically George McNeil. Throughout the process George went out of his way to make himself available at a moment's notice to discuss and help with each and every step. He is truly in it to ensure the final product is successful and to be customer centered. You can use another company, as there are many available, but I seriously doubt that you will find another person that affords you with the type of customer service that George provides. In the end I felt more like I made a friend than that I bought an oven.

Dr. Bill Scheier



Modena 120 Wood

The oven does everything you said it would. Wildfire Tavern has in only 7 months been put on the map of "Places to go". This is greatly contributed to our wood fired oven that generates pies that many people will make a special trip into the area just to have one of our pizzas. Your knowledge of the the equipment that you sell greatly aided us both in purchasing and start-up of the oven. Thank you and please consider us a great reference.
Tom & Brian Corey/ FRANLIN, NH"

Artigiano oven INDOOR INSTALL

Thanks for the great recipes!  We are so enjoying our pizza oven!  Use it a lot….and are so happy that we invested in this wonderful piece of equipment!

Adele and Paul Forte


George from Home Pizzeria was so incredibly helpful and I am so grateful to have him as a contact.  He was responsive, informative and never too busy to speak with me.  During our installation he was able to help us with getting the oven down stairs across our yard and onto the stand.  I was so nervous and one point and he helped calm me down and gave me invaluable advice.  He even reached out after installation to make sure we were okay and offered to be a contact moving forward with any questions we may have.  I have his number saved in my phone and plan to use it!!  The oven that I have was given to me as a gift but I am so excited to fire it up and to start to cure it this weekend!!
-Sarah From RI