We could fill volumes of pages dealing with the origins of Pizza ovens, wood fired ovens or in Italian FORNO A LEGNA. Here we will give you a condensed version.

    Many people believe that the wood fired oven was created in Italy. However, archeologists have unearthed some dome shaped ovens in Egypt that date back thousands of years. It is said that it would not take  much to restore these ovens and fire them up today. Ovens have been found in many parts of the world including and not limited to France, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey and even Asia . The ovens were believed to be used in a social network located in central areas. People would gather and bake bread and later on Pizza. In many parts of Europe, these wood fired ovens, were owned or controlled by the upper class and the Church.

    It was the Italians that brought this unique way of cooking to its ultimate heights. Over centuries these families of fine artisans perfected the baking of many foods. Originally the ovens were used to bake bread and pizza. Some of these ovens could reach temperatures of a thousand degrees. But the Italians soon learned that they could reduce these temperatures and cook all kinds of foods including roasts, pastries and even cakes.  In Italy, the ovens were owned by individual families. Although smaller in size  this led to many more people being able to utilize this unique and flavorful way of cooking.

    Today, we  have home pizza ovens small enough to bake one pizza at a time and large commercial wood fired ovens that can bake more than 200 pizzas in an hour. Using the same Italian technique, many of these ovens are made in the USA. Forno Bravo manufactures  these ovens in California and ships them all over the country through their dealer network.

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