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  Yes a modular oven is the way to go when you need to navigate a difficult area. The Casa 2G Modular wood fired ovens allow you to receive your pizza oven curbside and then bring it to your final destination piece by piece. These ovens are very heavy and the Modular construction and easy assembly makes the Casa 2G an ideal choice for a home pizza oven. These well built pizza ovens are delivered specially crated. The oven crate comes with a shock meter that lets you know if there was any mishandling during shipping. The Casa 2G is one of our most popular wood fired pizza ovens and the instructions are incredibly easy to follow. The Casa 2g goes together like a puzzle and then mortar is applied to the outside seams. You then secure your oven with insulation blankets that completely isolate the Casa 2G and all but eliminates any heat loss. As a matter of fact. This pizza oven is so well insulated that even when there is 800 degrees inside, the outside remains cool to the touch. In most cases this oven will maintain temperatures of 500 degrees overnight with no fire in the oven. (oven can then be finished in stucco, brick or other. All finish work materials are supplied by homeowner) Click on this oven photo and witness the winter conditions that have no affect on this great oven. The Casa 2G will produce Pizza, bread, roasts and much more with a taste that you will not forget. This is a real old world wood fired pizza oven. Watch the videos and see how easy and fun it is to assemble these fine ovens. We will talk you and or your contractor through the entire process from shipping, assembly, curing and yes even cooking. We have a vast list of recipes for your culinary pleasure.(wood fired recipes) You will never be left alone. We will be available to you 7 days a week.




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CASA 2G 100

CASA 2G 100

Casa Home Pizza Oven Kit:

  • Four sizes: 32″, 36″, 40″, and 44″ cooking surfaces; both with an 8″ oven landing;
  • You can bake 5 pizzas at a time, or up to 100 per hour;
  • UL certified for indoor installation as a wood fired pizza oven;
  • Wood or gas pizza oven for outdoor installation, no charcoal;
  • Easy delivery using a lift gate — no forklift required.

Casa Home Pizza Oven Kit Includes:

  • 2″ oven dome using commercial grade refractory with integral vent landing;
  • Firebrick 2″ cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food;
  • 3″ ceramic fiber insulation blanket for oven dome;
  • 2″ ceramic fiber insulation board under oven dome;
  • High temperature mortar;
  • Steel door with a built-in thermometer;
  • Single wall stainless steel stove pipe and chimney cap.

Optional Drago P1+ Outdoor Gas Burner Kit Includes:

  • Liquid Propane – 51,000 BTUs; Natural Gas – 38,000 BTUs;
  • Flame control system with pilot, low and high flame settings;
  • Stainless steel guard to protect burner;
  • Remote thermocouple with wire and gauge;
  • Gas leak detector.

Optional for Casa Home Pizza Oven Kits:

  • Modular Cucina Stand;
  • Decorative Brick Arch;
  • Double wall chimney for going through patio covers;
  • Pizza oven tools.

Casa Five Core Technologies:

  • 2” oven dome produced using a proprietary 142 pcf density, 8,230 psi strength refractory material with poly-fibers for additional strength not found in brick or clay ovens.  All manufactured in our Salinas, CA factory using a two-sided, vibrated mold casting process.
  • NSF4 certified 2″ oven floor is constructed using large 18”x18”x2” ultra-premium (2,700psi compressed and 2,650ºF kiln-fired) baking tiles with Cordierite — for superior thermal shock resistance and durability, and for great pizza baking.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each pizza oven includes a minimum of 3” of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 2” ofceramic board floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • An interlocking dome design with a mono-block vent — and with fewer, tighter seams, the Casa home pizza oven offers outstanding heat retention, cooking performance, and durability.
  • The gas-fired version of the Casa home pizza oven provides a pizza baking experience that accurately replicates a true wood fire. The Casa home pizza ovens can operate in both gas-only and gas/wood modes.

Like all Forno Bravo pizza ovens, the Casa home pizza oven kits are designed with optimal proportions, including the perfect Oven Dome Height and Oven Opening Size for baking seriousVera Pizza Napoletana.

Casa Home Pizza Oven Kit Summary:

Each Casa home pizza oven kit provides everything you need to install your pizza oven. You just provide the stand and stucco (or another decorative facade). Read The Anatomy of the Perfect Pizza Oven to see why the Casa Series pizza oven kit is so special.

If your installation requires a longer chimney, the Casa ovens can be fitted with an adapter. We recommend single wall stainless steel chimney pipe for open outdoor kitchens. Or a UL103 HT rated double wall chimney system if you must go through patio covers. Ask our technical support to work up a venting quote if you need one.

The Casa ovens are easily installed using either an on site-built concrete block stand, or a Cucina Modular Oven Stand.

Casa pizza ovens are UL737, UL2162, NSF/ANSI-4, certified for indoor and outdoor installation in the United States and Canada.