: On the day before the Boston Marathon, James Bairey CEO of Forno Bravo LLC and Tena McNeil CEO of MWS Enterprises met at the Convention Center in Boston to discuss James running of the Marathon for the Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord injury Foundation. Tena's husband George suffered a spinal cord injury back in 1995 while riding in a jet boat. The injury came just two months after the injury to Christopher Reeve. Therefore, James and Tena had a lot to talk about. Tena thanked James for his dedication in not only running the Boston Marathon but also for his intentions on running the Big Sur Marathon in Carmel, California. Tena further stated that it is because of people like James that allows researchers to help those with spinal cord injuries to lead productive lives.

:Hi there... hope you folks are fine.  we are getting a bit of snow today...better than last year but still not as much as we would like...the south is getting it all again! Enjoyed my oven to no end last summer.  Even though pizza was not my reason for building the oven I have really got the hang of it. Our favorite summer supper with a good italian wine is roasted tomatoes with anchiovies, olive oil, a caper or two, salt and pepper in the oven till carmelized. As they cool down I grill slices of bread and serve it topped with the  tomatoes, fresh burrata cheese and fresh herbs...eating in northern vt could not get any better.  We just love any vegetable roasted in the oven.  I have a nice collection of clay dishes for the roasting.

Be well, Irene
MORE NEWSMORE NEWS MENTORING A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT One day last fall we received a call from Zach Sicco of Bedford NH. Zach explained that he was an 18 year old Senior at the Bedford High School. Zach further explained that he needed to do a final year long project and that he could choose almost anything.