Fun Dough Recipes from Joseph Pergolizzi, The Fire Within

by fornobravo on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 9:04am

In case you missed them in our March Wood-Fired Newsletter, fun dough recipes from The Fire Within's Joseph Pergolizzi: seeded crust and squid ink dough!


Fun Dough Recipes from Joseph


Two quick and easy ways to get creative with your pizza dough.



My Favorite Seeded Crust


1) Mix the following together for a 7oz dough ball:

• 1 Tbsp of toasted sesame seeds

• 1 Tbsp of fennel seeds

• 1/2 tsp sea salt

• 1/2 black pepper

* for an extra kick use red pepper


2) Roll your dough.


3) Brush on garlic olive oil being careful no to drip on the peel sprinkle on the seed mix and bake. Great for a sweet pizza lover.



Squid Ink Pizza Dough


What's the secret? 


It's too easy: Add 3oz of squid ink replacing 3oz of water to your favorite pizza dough recipe.



What kind of pizza tastes great with a squid ink crust?


Sauce: A spicy marinara or add crushed red peppers to your favorite plum tomato sauce.

Cheese: Shredded parmesan


Want to add a topping? slice 2'' shrimp down the middle and place on top of each slice.


Check local fish stores or for squid ink.