One day last fall we received a call from Zach Sicco of Bedford NH. Zach explained that he was an 18 year old Senior at the Bedford High School. Zach further explained that he needed to do a final year long project and that he could choose almost anything. After searching the web, he found our site Home Pizzeria Ovens and decided that he wanted to learn all about authentic wood burning Pizza Ovens. He wanted to learn as much as possible and asked if we could help him. Although he called on a relatively busy day, his enthusiasm along with his very polite demeanor made it impossible to turn him down.  We decided to help him in any way we could. After speaking with him awhile, we learned that Zack had really studied our website and Forno Bravo as well. But there was a lot more he needed to know and he was eager and willing to learn. Over the next several weeks, we had long phone conversations with Zach and answered many of his questions. You could sense that he wanted to complete this project in the very best way he could. One day while speaking with Zach we decided to invite him to spend some time with us and go over even more info. Zach and his dad Gregory met with us on a Saturday morning. Again we were impressed with his promptness and his willingness to get right at it. We sat down at the computer and went over item after item. Zach had prepared many questions for us and his desire to learn was very impressive. A couple of months went by when Zach contacted us again and said that although he learned a lot on paper, he now wanted to purchase an authentic Forno Bravo Oven and assemble it himself. After many more questions, Zach decided on a Casa 2G90. We then explained the entire process from delivery to set up and curing. Zach has now completed his oven and will present his project to the Bedford High School in early June. We at Home Pizzeria Ovens are extremely grateful for the opportunity to mentor such a bright young man. It is students like Zach that give us all hope for the future of America. Zach has invited us to attend his presentaion in June. The honor is all ours.