First of all, we have never produced a review quite like this in the past. However, we were so impressed with our Dining experience at the Ports of Italy restaurant 4 Western ave Kennebunk, ME that we felt compelled to write this extensive review.
    To get started, we would like to tell you a little about the chef German Lucarelli.

German Lucarelli, celebrated chef and restaurateur in Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Beirut, Istanbul, Miami, New York, and now Maine, is bringing years of worldly experience for all of Kennebunk and guests to enjoy.

Ports of Italy Restaurant

I was contacted (George J McNeil) by German Lucarelli some time in March and was told that after a lot of research he found that the Forno Bravo ovens were indeed the very best wood fired ovens in the world and that he decided that he wanted the Napoli 120 fully assembled tiled oven and wanted us to install all 5,200lbs of it. Although a difficult task considering the small space of entry, we accepted. We ordered the oven and our crew met with the delivery and fully installed the oven over the next couple of days, including all of the chimney work.


    We had a 5:45 reservation on 8/17. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by Bronson. Bronson enthusiastically explained that he was the Valet and that the Ports of Italy was providing this FREE service. He took possession of our vehicle and pointed the way into the restaurant. He was a very polite young man and we knew right then that we were about to have a great experience.

Sante/ Restaurant Owner

As we approached the front entrance we were greeted by Sante who we later learned was the owner of the restaurant. Again, very enthusiastic. We were already impressed and were not yet inside.
Once inside, we found an already packed restaurant (both inside and outside) yet we were seated right away. They take their reservations very seriously. We were then greeted by our waiter Wayne (pictured above). Wayne was very funny and very professional. He brought us water and explained that the water was his concoction. The water was infused with lemon and mint. Very different. Wayne stated that it was made in Maine by Wayne. Tena ordered her Vodka Martini and I had the house Martini (Blueberry lemon Drop) OH MY. This was the best Martini I have ever had and to my surprise I ordered a second. Something I almost never do. It was simply fantastic.

Brittney/ pizza maker

We then got up to take some more pictures and met with Brittney. The ever smiling Brittney showed us some pizza's that she had just prepared for other guests. They looked so good that we had to order one for an appetizer.
We then returned to our table and ordered the Margarita Pizza. It was done to perfection. Brittney did a great job but she stated that the Napoli tiled oven deserves a lot of credit and that she loves working with that oven.
It was now time to order the main course. I wanted to be a little adventurous so I ordered the Agnolotti veal shoulder and prosciutto filled ravioli veal jus and summer black truffles. It was magnificent and melted in my mouth. It was delicious.
Tena ordered the Pollo Alla Diavola grilled half deboned chicken citrus marinated, calabrese chili aioli, with young potatoes and arugula. Tena stated that there is many ways to make chicken but this tops them all. She so enjoyed the different flavors with just the right spice.
We were now pretty stuffed but felt like we just had to share a dessert. We ordered the chocolate cake Torta al Cioccolato it is a chocolate and almond cake served with a light in house whipped cream. Again, delicious. Be aware, the coffee is very strong. Just how I like it.
After dinner, Tena ventured out on the patio and spoke with some of the patrons. She found one family that was there with their dog. They explained the restaurant was pet friendly (outside patio only) The staff even put a bowl of water out for the dog. This was a great experience. This is a fully staffed restaurant, with great food, great atmosphere, reasonable prices with very cheerful employees. I will return to the Ports of Italy and I will bring friends.
George J McNeil/Home Pizzeria Ovens