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The Professionale Series is a good fit for small lower output Pizzerias. They are also an excellent choice for mobile units. The Professionale are smaller than our Modena but are built with all the same materials. This oven is available in wood fired and wood/gas combo. 

The ovens feature a commercial-grade 3" cooking dome, a 2.5" firebrick tile cooking floor and extra thick 4" (side and floor) - 6" (top) ceramic insulation, providing both the perfect oven for baking artisan pizza and excellent value. These ovens are available in fully assembled or Modular units.




Cooking Surface
Area (ft2)
Pizzas (10")
Pizzas (12")
44" x 56"
48" x 60"



Commercial and Home Brick Ovens

The term "brick oven" is often used interchangeably with the conditions "wood fire oven”, "masonry oven," "clay adobe," or any number of additional terms. This traditional commercial pizzeria oven has a domed roof, and the pizzas are placed upon stone brick over the hot coals. The heat is permitted to circulate through the dome, and between the moisture that accumulates from a few of the ingredients, and the heat, nothing dries out, but the crust is cooked to crispy perfection. The rest of the ingredients are dissolved perfectly and gently charred for that perfect pizzeria taste that you can create in your home kitchen.

The Professionale FA commercial pizza oven is UL certified for indoor or outdoor use, but we only recommend the decorative metal surround for indoor installations. It is a small to mid-size fully assembled professional series pizza oven designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers, and vineyards looking for a gas or wood fired pizza oven to complement other cooking equipment.

The Professionale  FA pizza oven is made from our Professionale pizza oven core. Ideal for small to mid-sized pizzerias that want an oven capable of baking up to 140 – 10″ pizzas per hour. Excellent heat retention with quick recovery times, this pizza oven suits restaurant owners who want a quality pizza oven at a reasonable price.

It’s decorative red metal exterior holds up well indoors and can showcase the oven. It is ideal for kitchens which do not need the oven to be a focal point, but are more concerned with price. If you really want a showpiece oven, consider our Roma or Napoli commercial pizza ovens. Completely assembled into a metal tray and stand, the Professionale FA pizza oven can be installed in minutes with a forklift.

Professionale FA Commercial Pizza Oven Overview:

  • Two sizes: 44″ and 48″ cooking surfaces, both with 10″ landings;
  • You can bake up to 7 – 10″ pizzas at a time; or up to 140 per hour;
  • Capable of exceeding 900°F temperatures;
  • Gas and Wood fuel available, no charcoal;
  • UL certified for indoor or outdoor installation.

Professionale FA Commercial Pizza Oven Includes:

  • Complete commercial pizza oven assembly with steel tray;
  • Metal stand assembled in minutes;
  • Double wall insulated door with a built-in thermometer;
  • Decorative brick arch;
  • Optional 125,000 BTU gas burner option.

Like all Forno Bravo commercial pizza ovens, the Professionale FA commercial pizza ovens are designed with optimal proportions, including the perfect Oven Dome Height and Oven Opening Size for baking serious Vera Pizza Napoletana.

Optional Items Sold Separately:

  • Double wall UL103HT chimney anchor plate, flue, and cap;
  • Type 1 Hood (when required);
  • Pizza oven tools;
  • Pre-cure services.

Gas Pizza Oven Option Includes:

  • 100,000 BTU self-modulating burner with its own air supply for greater power and fuel efficiency;
  • Electronic control module with ignitor;
  • Omega display with programmable temperature control;
  • Thermocouple temperature probe;
  • Stylish, stainless steel guard to protect the burner;
  • Mounting bracket for control box.

Professionale FA Commercial Pizza Oven Advanced Technologies:

  • 3” oven dome produced using a proprietary 142 pcf density, 8,230 psi strength refractory material with poly-fibers for additional strength not found in brick or clay ovens.  All manufactured in our Salinas, CA factory using a two-sided, vibrated mold casting process. It is a remarkably hard and durable material designed to provide many years of 24/7 operation.
  • 2.5″ oven floor is constructed using large 18”x18”x21⁄2” ultra-premium (2,700psi compressed and 2,650ºF kiln-fired) baking tiles with Cordierite — for superior thermal shock resistance and durability, and for great pizza baking.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each professional series pizza oven includes a minimum of 4” (side) to 6” (top) of high-tech and 4” of ceramic board floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • An interlocking dome design with a mono-block vent — and with fewer, tighter seams, the Professionale FA pizza oven offers outstanding heat retention, cooking performance, and durability.