This is the WindFire Tavern at 1 Hill Rd. in Franklin, NH. Tena McNeil, of MWS Enterprises attended the soft opening of this new and unique establishment. Wildfire Tavern has an industrial barn atmosphere, a sports bar and sprinkled in some rock and roll. Owner Tom Corey and his son Brian came to us long before they built their new restaurant. We were able to recommend the right oven for the application they were looking for. And since the building had not been constructed yet, we were able to advise on how they could install a fully assembled oven. Tom and Brian are very pleased with the ease of operation of their Modena 120 Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Brian put it this way (quote "we  open in the morning and the oven is still at 500 degrees and it only takes a short time to bring it up to pizza making temperature") Please click on the photos and see how nicely the Modena 120 fits in this restaurant. Of course we had a Margarita Pizza (our favorite) while we were there MMMM GOOD There is simply nothing like a Pizza from an authentic Forno Bravo Oven.

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Tom wrote 

The oven does everything you said it would. Windfire Tavern has in only 7 months been put on the map of "Places to go". This is greatly contributed to our woodfired oven that generates pies that many people will make a special trip into the area just to have one of our pizzas. Your knowledge of the the equipment that you sell greatly aided us both in purchasing and start-up of the oven. Thank you and please consider us a great reference.
Tom & Brian Corey"


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