Back Yard Pizza

This brand new Casa design will make any back yard stand out. The NEW VESUVIO WOOD FIRED OVEwill take your culinary expertise to a whole new level. 


Vesuvio ovens feature a beautiflly tiled enclosure for outdoor use and optional decorative powder coated steel stand. These hand crafted wood fired ovens are available in four sizes: 32”. 36”. 40” and 44” round cooking floor, each with a minimum 6” oven landing. The Vesuvio oven comes with Steel Door and Thermometer. Optional accessories include a pizza placing peel, round turning peel, oven brush, oven rake, oven shovel and infrared thermometer.

Having an authentic Naples-Style Wood Fired Oven has never been so easy.
The Vesuvio is our most popular artistic fully assembled residential pizza oven. They offer the optimal balance between oven size and mass, and heat up time and efficiency. Their center vent construction provides the best heat retention and distribution available from a fully assembled oven. The Vesuvio ovens are perfect for weekend entertaining and weekday cooking for your family.

The Vesuvio ovens feature four unique technologies:
• The Vesuvio oven 2” dome is produced using a proprietary 142 pcf density, 8,230 psi strength refractory material and a two-sided, vibrated mold casting process — the same material and process we use for our commercial ovens. It is a remarkably hard and durable material that is superior to old- fashioned clay ovens.
• The Vesuvio oven floor is constructed using 2” commercial-grade (2,700psi compressed and 2,650oF kiln-fired) baking tiles with Cordierite — for both great pizza baking and durability.
• Each Vesuvio oven is constructed with 3" of high-tech ceramic insulation and 2" of ceramic floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite.
• The Vesuvio center vent system traps hot air exhausted from the oven and routes it back over the oven dome and then vents it through a stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the dome providing the best fuel efficiency and heat retention available.

The Vesuvio stand option provides easy installation. Simply lower the oven with a fork truck onto the Metal Stand and you are ready to cure and fire your oven.

The Vesuvio No Stand ovens can be installed on a site-built concrete block stand. The Vesuvio Series ovens are ETL and ANSI NSF-4 tested for indoor installation. Oven tools are available as options.
32" Tiled Vesuvio  $6,150.00                           36" Tiled Vesuvio $6,550.00

40" Tiled Vesuvio  $6,950.00                           44" Tiled Vesuvio  $7,350.00

Vesuvio stand included. ADD $1,800.00 FOR DRAGO GAS BURNER

Give us a call. We are eager to tell you all about this unbelievable oven.