10 Good Reasons to Choose a Forno Bravo Oven for your Restaurant

1. Flawless High Heat Pizza Baking
We sell the finest Italian-made pizza ovens, featuring modern high-tech refractory materials and insulators, and perfect design proportions. Our ovens are designed to easily hold the 800ºF temperature your restaurant needs to bake authentic, two-minute, crisp-crust pizza -- all day long. Each Forno Bravo commercial oven can cook for hours without losing the temperature you want, so that you will never have to worry about your oven "giving up" during the dinner rush. Our larger ovens can bake 200+ pizzas per hour (pph). Unlike ovens designed for American pizza, a French restaurant, or a theme park cafe, the Forno Bravo ovens are designed for the way Italian pizzerias operate, and that means high throughput, high heat baking.

2. The Right Oven for Every Need
Forno Bravo has the right oven for you. We are unique in providing both modular and fully-assembled ovens, and both wood-fired and combination wood/gas-fired ovens -- in a wide range of sizes. From a small 43" oven to a very large 73" oven, we have you covered. Do you need an oven that can be site-assembled in a challenging location? We have you covered. Want to finish your oven to a specific design style? We have you covered. Are you looking for an oven that you can just set in place, and start baking? We have you covered. Do you want to keep your options open? We have ovens that can be both gas and wood-fired -- at the same time. Unlike suppliers who carry one type of oven, and try to convince you that their style is right, we think you should decide. With Forno Bravo, it's up to you.

3. World-Class Oven Efficiency
Because our ovens use sophisticated, proprietary refractory materials, and state-of-the-art insulators, they are very efficient with wood and gas fuel. For example, our ovens hold 500ºF overnight, making it easy for you to bring your oven back up to heat the next day, or bake bread for your restaurant. In fact, a Forno Bravo commercial oven uses 30% less fuel than an old-fashioned brick oven. And the same insulation that keeps heat inside the oven for cooking, keeps your kitchen cool. Unlike low-end ovens that use less, and less efficient (and cheaper) insulation, the outside of the Forno Bravo commercial ovens stay cool the touch.

4. Unrivalled High Heat Retention
Too many pizza ovens are made using low-end refractory concrete and ceramics that not capable of continually holding the high heat necessary for true Italian pizza. Some pizza ovens can lose their heat after baking only a few pizzas, dragging out baking time to 5-7 minutes, or more -- resulting in tough and crackly pizza. We have all eaten a few of those, and it is not a pretty sight. Each Forno Bravo commercial oven is made using proprietary Alto Refrattario Aluminoso, material developed specifically for pizza ovens. With decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of ovens produced, our makers have perfected the material, which is essential for baking great pizza.

5. Perfect Design Proportions
Each Forno Bravo commercial oven is based on a time-tested design, including the size and shape of the oven dome, and the relative size of the oven opening. Each Forno Bravo ovens delivers the optimal combination of cooking floor size, dome height and oven opening, which is critical to oven efficiency and high-heat pizza baking. Take care on this, as some ovens have serious problems with poor dome height and oven opening sizes, which make it almost impossible maintain high heat pizza baking. A large oven opening might look cool, but it is a real problem that effectively cools the oven down.

6. We can help you Bake Great Pizza
It's all about the pizza, and Forno Bravo can help. We provide professional services on everything from kitchen design to pizzaiolo training, supply chain to fork mixers. We have strong relationships with the Pizza Napoletana community, including Molino Caputo and the Naples pizzaiolo school, and our team is Pizza Napoletana trained and certified by Enzo Coccia himself. In fact, our training services have the complete backing and support of Molino Caputo, so you know we can do a good job of helping you make great pizza. You need more than a great pizza oven to make great pizza, and we have what it takes for you to be successful -- and build a great following for your restaurant.

7. You are Not Alone
There are millions of pizza ovens in Italy, and our producers have been the leading suppliers to Italian pizzerias for decades. Our modular oven producer is the world's largest maker of precast pizza ovens, and they have made nearly a quarter million pizza ovens. They make more pizza ovens every quarter of every year than the largest U.S. producer has made in their entire history. For the U.S. restaurant owner, that means you are in some great company when you choose a Forno Bravo oven.

8. A Great Oven at a Reasonable Price
While we think the Forno Bravo commercial ovens are the best ovens you can find, you will see that they are not expensive, In fact, they are very reasonably priced. We can do this because we are bringing the efficiencies of the Italian pizza oven market to the U.S. The Italian market is very large and very competitive, which results in great ovens and excellent prices. We think of it as our job to bring that market dynamic to you.

9. Maximum Cooking Surface, Minimal Enclosure Size
Because each Forno Bravo commercial pizza oven uses the most efficient insulation available, our ovens provide you with the greatest cooking space possible. That means that your pizza oven uses less valuable kitchen floor space and gives you more precious space where you need it -- inside the oven for baking pizza.

10. Expert Installation Assistance
We can help you get it right. From kitchen design consulting to on-site installation services, we can help you get your pizza oven and your pizzeria up and running -- smoothly and efficiently. Give us a call and can talk about what you need, and how we can help.

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