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The NAPOLINO TILED OVEN  is a much smaller version of our professional Napoli Oven. This is one of the most beautiful residential wood fired pizza ovens anywhere. But don't kid yourself. You can bake the very best 2 minute Pizza, every bit as tasty as the large commercial ovens. If you're looking for a gift for the chef who has everything, may we suggest the Napolino oven. This would certainly be a stand-out gift that no one will forget anytime soon. These units come fully assembled in 24"x31" and 28"x35" cooking floor and both are available with and without stands. This oven will heat up to 750 degrees in as little as 20 minutes.

    As with all our well insulated WOOD FIRED ovens, the Napolino exterior remains cool to the touch. Traditional Naples-style ventilation system: hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a vertical, stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the oven – evenly and efficiently heats the oven dome and maintains high temperatures  

NAPOLINO 60     24x31        

NAPOLINO 70     28x35           

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The Napolino pizza oven is available in two sizes: the Napolino60 offers a 24” cooking floor, while the Napolino70 delivers more cooking space with a larger 28” cooking floor. Each pizza oven is available with or without a metal stand, so that the Napolino can be either placed on a deck or patio using the Forno Bravo stand, or installed on a custom stand or grill island.

Like every Forno Bravo pizza oven, the Napolino ovens are built using high-tech refractories and space-age insulators, ensuring optimal high temperature baking performance for perfect Pizza Napoletana and excellent heat retention for baking and roasting.

The Napolino Series pizza oven features a traditional Naples-style ventilation system, where hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a vertical stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the oven. This ventilation method helps evenly and efficiently heat the oven dome, as well as help the oven maintain the high temperatures required for baking Pizza Napoletana. 
Our new crate system makes your oven easy to place and fire it up. Just click on this video

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The Napolino pizza oven series is a Naples-style fully assembled oven designed for backyard baking. This beautiful and innovative pizza oven features the traditional center vent and beautifully tiled enclosure found in pizzerias in Naples (and around the world), all in an oven sized for home pizza making, baking, and roasting. The name Napolino, an affectionate, diminutive version of Napoli, says it all.

Made from the Giardino outdoor wood burning pizza oven core, the Napolino wood fired pizza oven provides the industry’s fastest heat-up times (20 minutes) and excellent heat retention. This makes it easy to cook authentic wood fired pizzas in under 2 minutes.

The Napolino ovens feature a beautifully tiled enclosure sealed for outdoor use, along with an optional stand that is powder coated to be weather-proof, rust-proof, and attractive. These beautiful wood fired pizza ovens can be custom tiled just for you.

Napolino Outdoor Pizza Oven Specifications:

  • Two sizes: 24” and 28” cooking surfaces; both with a 7″ oven landing;
  • You can bake 1 to 2 pizzas at a time, or up to 30 per hour;
  • Outdoor use only, but can be installed under a patio cover using a double wall chimney;
  • Outdoor wood burning pizza oven, no gas or charcoal;
  • Easy delivery using a lift gate — no forklift required.

Napolino Outdoor Pizza Oven Includes:

  • Complete oven assembly;
  • Hand-tiled enclosure;
  • Steel stand;
  • Steel door with a built-in thermometer;
  • Stovepipe and chimney cap;
  • Custom colors and tiling available.

Optional for Napolino Outdoor Pizza Ovens:

  • Double wall chimney for going through patio covers;
  • Waterproof cover to protect your pizza oven;
  • Pizza oven accessories;
  • Infrared thermometer.

Napolino Core Technologies:

  • We make the oven dome using a 38% alumina (81% alumina and silica) refractory malaterial cast in a two-sided, vibrated form—a higher quality process than many competitor home pizza ovens.
  • The oven floor is made using large 12”x12” commercial-grade (2,700psi compressed and 2650ºF kiln-fired) firebrick floor tiles—superior to any other home pizza ovens.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each pizza oven includes a minimum of 3” of high-tech ceramicinsulation blanket dome  and 2” of ceramic board floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • The oven has a mono-block dome and integral vent design with zero seams. This is why the Napolino ovens have excellent heat retention and cooking performance, and much better durability than other small outdoor pizza ovens.
  • Naples-style center-vent that re-uses heat from the oven and distributes it above the dome. This leads to the best heat retention of any of our commercial pizza ovens. The Napoli recovery time leads the industry! See the graphic below:

Center Vent Open

Receiving Your Napolino

This video shows how our new crates make it incredibly easy to receive and move your Napolino with a stand into position.

Countertop Napolino pizza ovens need to be lifted off the pallet and placed manually on your hearth or countertop.

Napolino Outdoor Pizza Oven Summary:

The Napolino pizza oven series

Napolino 8